Are you confused about the lights on your dashboard? While they are there to help you, sometimes, the many symbols can become difficult to remember. Here is a quick guide to some of the most common dashboard lights to help you out:

Engine Warning 

There are many reasons why your "check engine" warning light may come on, some of which are more dangerous than others. For this reason, it's important to quickly - but cautiously - get your engine checked by a professional. 

Engine Temperature

If this light goes off, your engine may be overheating. It's important to turn off your radio and pull over. 

Oil Pressure

This could mean that either your oil is low or that there is some sort of problem with it. See if you are due for an oil change.

Battery Alert

This usually means that you need a new battery. However, the Battery Light may come on if there is an issue with battery terminals or your alternator.

Washer Fluid Indicator

This helpful indicator should let you know when you are running low on windshield wiper fuel. Stop by your local parts store and pickup some washer fluid!

Fuel Indicator Symbol 

Similarly, this vital dashboard light lets you know when you need to get gasoline; if you see it, head to a gas station as soon as possible.

ABS Light

If you're ABS light comes on, it means that your anti-lock braking system may or may not be working properly. If your ABS light comes on, you'll still have brakes, but you should probably take your car in to be diagnosed by a professional.

Tire Pressure Monitor System (TMPS) 

This symbol indicates that one or more of your tires has significantly less pressure than your other tires. Once you've inflated your tires to spec, you can reset your warning.

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